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Leadman Tri Epic 250...

So I just got back from shooting images that will used commercially to market a brand new Ironman type race called the Leadman Tri Epic 250.  This inaugural race put an emphasis on the swim & cycle and shorter run where Ironman races lean heavy on the run which can be physically abusive on the athletes.  The Leadman 250 consisted of a 3.1 mile swim, 140 mile cycle, and 16 mile run equaling 250 kilometers.  Not only are the distances insane, but the course was extremely brutal taking place outside Las Vegas in the 102 degree, very hilly, desert.  I can honestly say I've never witnessed up close such extreme physical drive come from anyone like I repeatedly saw from the athletes involved in this race.  It was so elite that only 34 single competitors competed, and out of those 34 only 14 crossed the finish line.  They are estimating a high number of competitors for race number two next year from those who want their shot at attempting such an enormous challenge.  It was an incredible experience shooting the marketing images that will promote the Leadman in the future, here is one shot from the long day.  I'll post more soon!

A couple athletes blogs about the race here:  Olympian Hillary Biscay and Coach Troy Jacobson

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